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  • Latex
  • PREMIUM LATEX GLOVES – Constructed from durable latex, these high-quality yellow gloves make the perfect pair for cleaning even the dirtiest and toughest of spots.
  • BACTERIA & CHEMICAL PROTECTION – Stay safe while cleaning! These washing gloves provide protection to keep your skin safe from bacteria, germs, chemicals and unwanted odors.
  • EXTRA LONG CUFF – Unlike typical latex gloves, these durable gloves boast an extra long cuff for added protection and safety for your wrists and arms.
  • VERSATILE USE – Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, these reusable gloves are perfect for dishwashing, handling bleach, cleaning the bathroom, gardening, washing your car - you name it!

PNS-76252 Pine-Sol Premium Latex Gloves #30055

SKU: 0749732762526
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