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The word Mandheling originated from the name of a local tribe on Indonesia’s Sumatra Island. Later, it slowly became synonymous with the locally produced coffee.
Mr. Brown’s Mandheling Blend coffee has a robust aroma and rich taste. It is comparable to Mr. Brown’s Blue Mountain Blend coffee, but with a deeper roasted bitterness and almost no acidity. The Mandheling blend is the best choice for those who like strong coffee flavor.
All selections of Mr. Brown canned coffee are made with 100% real coffee beans. The coffee beans are roasted, extracted, blended, and canned, before undergoing quality inspection. The metal-can production process is also fully automated. Mr. Brown uses excellent mass production equipment and technology to provide high-quality, reasonably priced coffee just for you !

伯朗咖啡曼特寧風味 Mr. Brown Coffee - Mandheling Blend #29150

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