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  • 20 GALLON CAPACITY – Fits 50% more trash compared to a standard 13 Gallon / 50 Liter Can. Take fewer trips taking out the trash! For use with any “Black Bag” with capacity of 20 Gallons or larger - perfect for large families.
  • CLOROX ODOR PROTECTION – Provides protection of the lid and the lid frame by inhibiting the growth of odor causing bacteria for the life of the can.
  • REAR BAG COMPARTMENT – Convenience of storing extra bags right behind the trash can - dispense easily from the sides without having to move the can.
  • HINGED FRAME - The lid frame hinges back for convenient placement and removal of trash bags.
  • BAG RINGS - Keep the bag slack neatly tucked in while securely keeping your bag in place and preventing the bag from falling in.
  • OPEN/ CLOSE BUTTON – Press open button to keep the lid open for continuous use or disposal of large amounts of trash. Press close button when done!
  • MOTION SENSOR – Lid opens automatically just by the motion of the hand above the cleverly positioned sensor and closes automatically after 5 seconds. (LED lights count down the seconds! ) Convenient and hygienic as you no longer need to touch the lid.
  • FINGERPRINT RESISTANT – Keeps your stainless steel can clean and perfect looking.

GLD 20 Gal. Motion Sensor Bin #26889

SKU: 0749732745147
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