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  • Eco friendly yoga mat,  made of TPE, the latest technological improvement to the traditional yoga mats. Compared with traditional material rubber and PVC, it's odorless, much more resilient, incredibly lightweight, No latex, no PVC, or any heavy metal.
  • Elegant Textured Non Slip Surface, Pink + Purple dual color, ideal yoga mat for women, maintain grip for hands and fee, no slipping or sliding any more.
  • Extra Large and Wide, Size: 72" x 24",. Longer and wider than regular yoga mats,you don’t have to worry your toes stretching out of the mat anymore, Carrying strap included.
  • Perfect 6mm yoga mat 1/4 inch, the best thickness is 6mm, 1/4 inch, keeping your body grip and safe, just the right cushion for your joints and knees. But if too much thickness Reduce balance while a thin one may result in you bruised knees
  • Anti tear and Sweat proof , if sweat drop off, the TPE material absorbs moisture, reducing the risk of injury and keeping you cool and cozy in any session. Moisture resistant Technology makes the mat to be easily washed with soap and water.

Eco FriendlyTPE Yoga Mat #30972

SKU: 7474221002533
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