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Make laundry day easier with the Clorox Sort N Fold Laundry Basket with Sorter. This rugged unit takes the pains out of sorting and folding clean laundry with a dual-sided design and included folding panel. The Clorox laundry basket has a sturdy plastic build with an adjustable sorting panel to empower easy organization. Its open basket design keeps textiles properly ventilated while still preserving their fresh scent before they're put away. Dual sides make it easy to keep clothing and linens separate for added convenience.

Clorox Sort'n Fold Antimicrobial Plastic Laundry Basket with Sorter, 1.8 Bushels:

  • 2-in-1 sorter and folder design
  • Plastic laundry basket features an adjustable sorting panel
  • Includes folding panel

Clorox Sort'n Fold Antimicrobial Laundry Basket with Sorter #25204

SKU: 0749732760201
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